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Serving Sri Lanka Since 1973

50 Years of Excellence: Shaping Sri Lanka's Future with the Manamperi Group

50 Glorious Years of Excellence: Illuminating Sri Lanka’s Future through Innovation and Dedication with the Manamperi Group

Welcome to Manamperi Group:
Empowering Sri Lanka's Since 1973

Embracing Progress and Enriching Communities: A Legacy of Excellence by Manamperi Group Since 1973

Building Excellence - Manamperi Hardware

Explore innovative solutions in building materials and general hardware through Manamperi Hardware. A cornerstone for construction projects across Sri Lanka.

Elegance & Luxury - Manamperi Bathware

Elevate your living spaces with Manamperi Bathware. Explore a range of bathroom fittings and equipment that redefine comfort and luxury.

Building Dreams - Manamperi Engineering

Witness architectural marvels come to life with Manamperi Engineering. From concept to completion, we shape skylines and aspirations.

Perfect Lands and Homes -
Manamperi Homelands

Unearth prime lands and own your piece of paradise with Manamperi Homelands. Connect with the beauty of Sri Lanka through our land sales.

Everyday Convenience
Manamperi Foodcentre

From groceries to daily essentials, discover the convenience of Manamperi Food Centre. Your one-stop supermarket catering to your needs.

Luxury Redefined
- Triple "O" Six

Immerse yourself in opulence at Hotel Triple “O” Six. Experience hospitality that transcends expectations against the backdrop of Sri Lanka’s beauty.

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What sets us apart?

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Proven Legacy:

With a rich history dating back to our establishment in 1973, the Manamperi Group boasts a proven legacy of excellence. Our enduring presence in Southern Sri Lanka showcases our commitment to consistency, reliability, and unwavering dedication to our customers

Community Engagement:

Beyond business, the Manamperi Group is deeply committed to the communities we serve. Through job creation, community initiatives, and philanthropic efforts, we strive to make a positive impact on society, fostering growth and prosperity for all.

Quality Products and Services:

At the heart of the Manamperi Group is a dedication to delivering superior products and services. Our stringent quality assurance processes ensure that every product bearing our name represents the highest standards of craftsmanship and reliability, guaranteeing customer satisfaction

Customer-Centric Approach:

Our customers are at the core of everything we do. We prioritize their needs, ensuring that every interaction reflects our dedication to exceptional service and support. Through personalized experiences and responsive communication, we build enduring relationships with those we serve.


Innovation fuels our journey, and it’s what sets the Manamperi Group apart. With an eye toward the future, we continuously seek new ways to evolve and improve our offerings. By embracing cutting-edge technologies and staying ahead of industry trends, we provide innovative solutions that address modern challenges.

Future Vision:

As business evolves, our Manamperi Group vision remains steadfast: to shape Sri Lanka’s progress, adapting to emerging opportunities. With forward thinking, we aim to create a legacy that enriches lives, shaping a brighter tomorrow.

Our Impact in 50 Years of Excellence

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