Mr. D . B . W . Manamperi (Chairman)

We are proud to be online and it’s fascinating the world is moving towords electronic information super highway era. Every thing is easily to access and better life for people. I specially happy that our company also become a part of this sophisticated internet world.

Our information can easy access by the customers and new comers also can find out about us more and our business put a step further with the time. I wish all our staff and customers best of luck

Mr. Upali Wijewickrama Manamperi ( MD )

Now we are part of global accessing system to information people can find out about our company and the products and services which we are handling to the customers.

I feel it’s step further on the way to customer satisfaction from our company and I am so happy and wishing all of you online people on behalf of Manampari stores and my staff.

Board of Directors..

  • Mr. D.B.W. Manamperi (Chairman)
  • Mr. U.W.Manamperi (Managing Director)
  • Mrs. G. L. Somawathi (Director)
  • Mr. G.L Neel (Director)
  • Mr. P.N.W. Manamperi (Director)
  • Mr. G.L. Ashan Nilranga (Director)
  • Mr. M. Samapriya Kankanamge (Director

Executive Staff..

  • Mr. Arunasalam Rajedran (Accountant)
  • Mr. Dinesh Liyanage (General Manager)